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Fred Phelps: Sympathy for the Asshole

“It seems more likely that the Westboro adherents are profoundly spiteful and embittered people who get off on the outrage they arouse through their monstrous behavior. Their tendency is to view God’s plan of salvation as a binary, Manichean arrangement, dividing the precious wheat (i.e., themselves, destined for a special seat at the right hand of the Lord) from the much more numerous chaff (i.e., everyone else, bound for infinite Hellfire and torment), thus in turn satisfying a psychological need to feel favored (i.e., “chosen”) at the expense of others. “

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The Clan vs. Modern, State-Dependent Individualism

“The prices of liberal, globalist modernity include rootlessness, detachment, an emptiness and desperation for identity that is easily exploited by commercial interests, a lack of community, and a lack of intra-national loyalty that encourages financial greed and insulates elites from the social responsibilities of nobility and the social penalties for betraying their kin, neighbors and countrymen. “

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