Man-Bites-Dog Racism

Colin Liddell

Mainstream culture does a good job at pretending to believe in racial equality. In fact, it does such a good job through its movies, TV dramas, and commercials that Whites are typically depicted as more stupid and violent than Blacks, who are routinely portrayed as preternaturally wise and forbearing.

The message hammered home night and day seems to be that Blacks plus “honorary Blacks” (Mexicans, Jews, Asians, etc.) are the backbone of our civilization and the cement that keeps the breeze blocks of our society together.

But what does the liberal-leftist media really think?

This is revealed in its daily news coverage. Many White Nationalists tend to see this as just another branch of the “giant Jewish propaganda machine” of Hollywood, spewing out yet more of the PC garbage and affirmative action imagery to back up what we see in cinemas and on the TV.

Only this, its seems, could explain the unrelenting way that news channels focus so obsessively on any scrap of news that points to any kind of nastiness done by a White (or even an ‘off-White’) person to someone of color, while all the time routinely ignoring the tsunami of Black-on-White hate, crime, and violence.

The touchstones for this White nationalist viewpoint are the Trayvon Martin case and such cases as the rape, torture, and murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

While Martin’s justifiable killing continues to reverberate, the worst atrocities committed against Whites enjoy at best a mayfly existence in the maw of the memory hole, before being bolted down into never-ending anonymity; there to linger in the mists of amnesia, alongside countless other horrors committed by Blacks against Whites. It just isn’t news.

White nationalists can’t help feeling that if there was any justice in the world, Trayvon Martin would only have been a footnote in a local paper, while the crimes committed against Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom would be commemorated as an undying symbol of the collective guilt of a Black community that continues to perpetuate a culture of savagery and anti-White violence as part of its resentment-fueled racism.

Such White nationalist views are understandable and can even be called laudable in that they seek to defend group interests. But the great irony is that such WN views are actually truly egalitarian in a way that exposes the hidden racism of the Liberal media. This is because they assume an equivalence between Black evil and White evil that Liberalism doesn’t.

Whether the news media is controlled by a lot of Hebrews with propagandizing intent or not, it also operates according to certain fundamental principles, best summed up by the famous and variously attributed aphorism:

“When a dog bites a man that is not news, but when a man bites a dog that is news.”

In other words, the media has a tendency to focus on what it regards as aberrations and oddities (regardless of how mild), and to neglect what it views as banalities or normalities (regardless of how savage). In this it can’t fail to reveal what it truly thinks of certain groups of people.

When the liberal leftist news media callously ignore or downplay Black-on-White violence, all they are doing is admitting that it is so common as to be of little real interest.

Yes, poor Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. What a gruesome way to die! By not treating this with the same outrage and obsession as the killing of Trayvon Martin, the news media and its functionaries merely admit in the clearest way possible that such an incident is just part of the normal background noise of any multiracial society, and that such acts are actually “typical” for young Black males. Even White Nationalists don’t quite think that. How’s that for Liberal racial stereotyping?!!!

By contrast, White Nationalists unwittingly stand up for the idea that Blacks are actually human beings and individuals who should be judged equally and fairly, based on the merits or demerits of their actions.

The liberal news media however clearly hoves to the view that Blacks are not individuals and are evil to begin with, so that any crimes they commit are tediously banal and simply unnewsworthy. Whites, by contrast, are seen as being essentially good, making any deviation from this exalted state hot stuff in news terms. In short, bad men doing bad is not news, while good men doing bad is.

Using the aphorism as an equation, we can reveal what the mainstream media truly thinks about Blacks. They are effectively equated with dogs in that their ‘biting’ of Whites is not considered newsworthy, while Whites ‘biting’ Blacks is:

(Dog bites man = no news/ Man bites dog = news) = (Blacks = dog/ Whites = man)
This proves once again that the most inveterate “racists” are the ones who use the word “racist” the most.

This insight can also be extended to the propagandizing aspect of fictional culture, where movies, TV dramas, and commercials are dragooned into presenting inaccurate and overly positive Black stereotypes.

This is done for two purposes: (a) to create a sense of inclusion, and (b) to provide what middle and upper class Whites believe are positive Black role models so that Blacks can change what is viewed as their “unsatisfactory behaviour.” Whether Blacks feel ‘included’ by such propaganda is another question.

Here again both purposes are based on the premise that there is something deeply dysfunctional and flawed about Blacks, and that the only way to cure this is to provide them with fantasy templates that they will hopefully conform to. That there is no need to provide similar “positive” White stereotypes shows that the liberal media is signaling once again that Blacks are unacceptable as they are, while Whites aren’t.

So, how can America and the West in general escape from this curse of ever-mutating racism? Perhaps the best answer lies with the people routinely called “racist,” namely White nationalists, who, it seems, merely seek to hold Black-on-White violence to the same standard as White-on-Black violence, but who also realize that any attempt to assimilate widely different racial groups to the cultural norms of another are immoral and doomed.