Paper Tiger: The Myth of Racial Transcendence

Paper Tiger

Colin Liddell

Note: This was Colin Liddell’s first article posted on the original site.

Following last year’s multiple sex scandal, Tiger Woods has now finally come out and apologized in what looked like a heavily scripted and intensely rehearsed performance before a select audience of sympathetic friends and media for the benefit of his corporate advertising profile. After all that has happened, it will certainly be an uphill struggle to re-launch the golfer’s shattered career and image, and save his marriage.

While the lurid details of this scandal have held a fleeting interest for the general public, this case is worthy of more serious consideration because it reveals a great deal about the shortcomings and contradictions of the multicultural globalism.

The essential point that the Woods case proves is that multiracial societies generate, exacerbate, and feed off racism in a variety of strange and exotic ways that we should be aware of. In fact, it could even be said that racism is the glue that holds these unnatural societies together, a racism that blights the lives and identities of all those it touches, whether black, white, or as Woods likes to style himself “Cablinasian” (a syllabic abbreviation from Caucasian, black, Indian, and Asian).

But talking about racism may seem surprising, as we are not discussing brutal, inter-ethnic violence committed by white thugs or Black Panther terrorists, but merely an innocuous golfer with too much money and a case of elevator trousers. But racism, as we well know, doesn’t always come with a machete, bomb, or burning cross in its hand. It can be found in much less dramatic, but also more pervasive and corrosive forms. And in the case of Tiger Woods, his whole career is testament to the two-way racism that stems not from hate-filled individuals but from the contradictions of the multiracial state itself. While this racism tends to lack conscious perpetrators, it nevertheless has its victims, both black and white, of whom Woods surprisingly is one.

Dealing first with the anti-white racism in the Woods case, this is comparatively simple. His whole career, from the way he has been hyped and lavished with every kind of praise and sponsorship to the way the mainstream media refused to investigate rumours of his infidelities until they were impossible to ignore, reveals America and global multiculturalism’s strong anti-white double standard.

Although Woods is a talented sportsman, and may even be the best natural golfer of the modern period, golf is not a major sport but rather a middle-ranking one. Despite this, through massive sponsorship deals, Woods has been the highest paid sportsman in the world for over a decade, while other great sportsmen in much more popular sports have lagged behind.

Part of the reason for this is because Woods was breaking into a largely white-dominated sport. While a non-white breaking into a white sport is lionized and set up as a highly-sponsored poster boy by the global sports media, the same is not true in reverse. When the Ukrainian boxers Vitali and Vladimir Klitschko re-established white dominance of heavyweight boxing around the same time as Wood’s rise, the sponsors and media frenzy were noticeably absent. There is no word other than racism for this kind of double standard.1

Much the same double standard was in evidence again when the Woods scandal finally broke. The key characteristic of the scandal was the way it mimicked a dam breaking. Instead of just one woman being involved, we soon heard of over a dozen all within the space of a few days. A dam breaking like this, of course, implies that there had in fact been some significant power holding back all the scandalous details… In effect, this was the mainstream media organizations themselves, which heard plenty of rumors, and in some cases even had hard evidence of Woods’ scandalous behavior, but refused to investigate or publicize for fear of harming a cherished “role model.”

The anti-White racism in the Woods case is interesting, but the other kind of racism is even more fascinating. As already mentioned the golfer has attempted to define himself as some kind of post-racial mix, namely “Cablinasian.” Although there is some rationale for this in Woods’s diverse genetic diversity (he is apparently 25 percent Black, 25 percent Thai, 25 percent Chinese, 12.5 percent Dutch, and 12.5 percent Red Indian), Cablinasian is not an effective identity, as the only Cablinasian is Woods himself. In modern American society Woods, whatever his other bloodlines, is effectively black — just like other people of mixed race with black blood. Barack Obama and the actress Halle Berry, for instance, are seen as black by the wider society and choose to see themselves as such. After all, Obama’s defining autobiography is not called Dreams of my (White) Mother.

Woods’s attempt to assume a meaningless and unworkable ethnic identity like Cablinasian is interesting because it, in effect, represents an attempt at deracination — the eradication of racial identity. The idea that someone should give up a racial identity is implicitly racist because it involves the idea of devaluing and destroying that racial identity. The subtext of the Woods case is that his black identity is worthless or problematic so that he seeks to negate it by assuming an ethnic non-identity like Cablinasian. This is the polar opposite of the Black Pride movement of the 1960s.

This narrative of deracination is also increasingly an issue with the current president. During the 2008 presidential primaries, Sen. Joe Biden, later Obama’s running mate and now the vice-president, called Obama “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” reflecting the idea that Obama appeals to white voters because he comes across as a very un-black black — something that had initially made him unpopular with black voters.

The same controversy appeared again following his State of the Union speech in January. This was greeted by the same inverted racist fawning from the white liberal media that helped to get him elected. One commentator, Chris Matthews, the host of the MSNBC program Hardball was so impressed that he felt moved to say,

“I forgot he was black tonight for an hour. You know, he’s gone a long way to become a leader of this country, and past so much history, in just a year or two. I mean, it’s something we don’t even think about.”

The idea of forgetting that blacks are blacks has also been at the heart of the Woods case. One reason that Woods has been the most sponsored athlete of all time is not just because he is black (and therefore deemed worthy of affirmative-action privileges); in America’s skewed sporting system, which disproportionately encourages non-white participation, there are plenty of black athletes. What made Tiger — and in the 2008 Presidential election Barack Obama — so appealing was the fact that he was able to play the part of a very un-black black guy, a role that America’s still overwhelmingly white middle class could feel comfortable with.

Rather than the surly, alienated, pimp- or gangsta- styled persona favoured by a lot of American sportsmen, Woods adopted the style, manners, and body language of the white middle-class golfers he mixed with, effectively playing the white role of a serious, unassuming, conservative, well-to-do, family-centred guy. When it was later revealed that he had in fact some of the same habits as the more disreputable black sportsmen, this image was destroyed, and in its place the negative black image of sexual promiscuity and fatherless families emerged.

The ideals of sexual fidelity to one partner and the integrity of the family lie at the heart of European culture. Even if we don’t always follow through, these notions are more natural to us than they are to people from certain non-European backgrounds, especially Africa with its traditions of polygamy and “open families.” But to expect people from other ethnic backgrounds to share morality, social patterns, and ideals that are rooted in our own ethnic nature, history, and experience is paradoxical and inherently racist.

The case of Tiger Woods reveals the Faustian bargain that multiracial states must strike to survive. On the one hand, there is racism against the main group in the form of “affirmative action.” This is necessary, we are told, to prevent extreme alienation of non-white groups: without it, certain racial minorities might fall so far behind that they would feel completely excluded from society. Electing one of them to the presidency, based on his ability to read an auto-prompt machine, say, or excessively celebrating the sporting achievements of another, is necessary to make them feel included in the artificial society.

This naturally involves widespread and pervasive racism against the majority. But in return for this, the majority expect the minority to increasingly give up their own racial identity and character, to deracinate and revel in meaningless terms like “Cablinasian” or “post-racial” as they mimic the identity of the majority. When they do, they are rewarded with high office, massive sponsorship deals, and other goodies from the table.

But the idea that millions of people can give up their racial identity and character in an attempt to ‘transcend race’ is not only immoral and racist, but also unworkable, as many blacks instinctively feel. Following Matthews comment about Obama’s lack of Blackness, there was a strong reaction from Black Americans who are quite rightly keen to hang on to their racial identity and character as Blacks.

“It’s important for us to remember that everyone has a race,” said Blair L.M. Kelley, an associate professor of history at North Carolina State University. “When you say we’re going to transcend race, are White people called on to transcend their Whiteness? When (black people) transcend it, what do we become? Do we become white? Why would we have to stop being our race in order to solve a problem?”

The inherent tendency of the modern multiracial society is to force some groups or, indeed, all groups to deracinate, effectively devaluing and destroying the ethnic and cultural identity of millions. This is nothing less than endless and pervasive racism on a truly horrific scale.